I usually will do a combination of all of these practices, integrating them into a very relaxing and deep massage experience. I consider what I do to be full circumference massage, which combines these methods with the knowledge that the body is three dimensional, so I like to work as many planes of the body as I can simultaneously. This creates a feeling of being whole and thoroughly nurtured.

Esalen Massage.
The essence of Esalen massage is the long flowing strokes, and a sensitivity to being very present and nurturing. Seeing the body as a whole, rather than segmented into parts, creates a frequent integrating all of the focused work with the entirety of the body. It is a very nurturing massage, utilizing stretches along with the flow as well. It was born at the Esalen institute in Big Sur, CA., which resides on the cliffs above the rhythmic ocean waves.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage works to break up connective tissue adhesions that are causing restriction and pain in muscles tendons and ligaments. It helps to restore areas to more harmony as space is freed up and blood flow can access the area. It is usually very slow, specific deep pressure, usually performed with and elbow or a fist, and there may be some level of pain, but should be only the kind that feels good. The therapist gages depth with the client, being ever conscious of were he or she is at.

Trigger Point massage:
Trigger Point massage attends to specific “knots and nodules” of contracted muscle fiber, in the body, that are points of pain, either active already, or the pain is felt when palpated. They have been formed often due to trauma at some point, and they remained have remained in an alarm mode. The therapist finds the core of these knots and applies even deep pressure to it until they finally release the tension that they have been carrying.

I am in the process of learning more and more Myofascial massage, which works the fascia of the body, the connective tissues that hold the entirety of our body together. Sometimes, during times of trauma or simply over years of life patterns, and attitudes, the connective tissue can be restricting areas, This work can be very effective in freeing up constricted areas. It consists of slow firm strokes that create a pull, a traction, that stretches and unwinds the connective tissue across the body, allowing a client to sink into deep relaxation, and freeing up more space in the body again.

To Start, what to expect:
I will ask you a few questions regarding your physical history and present time body experience. Feel free to share anything that might be emotionally going on at this time as well. Then I will step out of the room and I will ask you to undress to your comfort level, and lie under the blankets on the heavenly heated table, and I will return.

During the massage please feel free to speak at any time if you want less or more pressure, or if you wish the temperature of the table or in the room to be changed. This is your experience and I wish it to be very cozy, nurturing and amazing. Also I want you to know that you do not have to do anything. I may move you around some with stretches or rotations of limbs. It is your time to let go and relax.
It is fine to laugh or cry as well, just so you know. :)