Hello and Welcome!

What is it about Massage that I value so deeply. Of course there is the relief of immediate pain and angst that often occurs, which is important when one is feeling this very present. That is always addressed first. I realized that once beyond this, there is a deeper reason why I value bodywork so greatly.

We live in a very fast paced society, that we have learned to superficially adapt to. It is more important than ever to remember to let go and slow down.

I find that initially, after the aches and pains are addressed with care and skill, the receiver begins to become conscious of his or her entire body and what is going on. Thus massage becomes awareness and education for the receiver. He or she becomes instantly more connected with his or her body, which is also a wonderful and important occurrence.

Then, in the rhythm of the flow, and the presence and focus, something happens and we go deeper, if only for a second, we let go. In this letting go, there is healing and this ripples out into one’s life, and thus ripples out across the lives of others as well. Thus, in healing oneself, others are touched as well. Massage is multi layered, reaching a person on so many different levels.

I look forward to being part of your journey in healing.