My philosophy

As I have traveled through my life, I have noticed that my learning and growth and inquiry have circled me deeper and deeper into what it means to let go, and deeper and deeper into realizing that everything is energy. And that LIFE is about loving and supporting ourselves passionately as we are in each moment, and creating what passions exist within us! I began to realize that we exist as incredibly intricate energy systems, with immense capacity for expansion and no effort creation!
Over time we can become so full of illusion and tensions (which we definitely hold in our bodies),that consist of expectations and fears, competition, failure, judgment and not-acceptance, that to simply “be” ok , and light, in the moment, feels nearly impossible.

I was blessed in 2006, to have come across a man named James Stellar of Spirit Nature Center of Consciousness, and this was the beginning of my deep unraveling of illusions and density. It was the beginning of a new way of being, a way that is nurturing to self, and one that has taught me to give myself waayyyyy more permission to be ok with me now, in the moment, as is, as a beginnner, no need to be perfect.

Where bodywork comes into play is that I have found, on my journey, that it is much easier to live this way when one has moved as much stuck, heavy energy out of one’s body in order to feel lighter, to think more clearly, and most importantly to feel happy and like oneself!! Have you ever noticed that these feelings occur sometimes after a good massage, exercise, or immersing oneself in a creative passion? This is simply because one has moved out a lot of dense energy, that isn’t even the truth of you, and does not belong in your body,so that your bright Spirit can be in!! That is the way you are meant to feel always. Sometimes we forget and allow ourselves to identify with greater and greater amounts of heavy energy and we adapt to it. This does not have to happen! Bodywork is a very powerful healing step in shifting the way we feel about our lives, of moving out the dense, so that we can energize our bodies with the lightness of who we are!! That is whay I love it!!