My Massage

I was fortunate enough to have had my initial massage training at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. It is perched high on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. I also spent a lot of time, shortly thereafter, in St.Thomas, Virgin Islands, again doing massages above the dancing waves of turquoise. This foundation has anchored in me and my massage, a deep healing ocean rhythm and flow, as well as a sensitivity and nurturing quality. My massage technique has developed into a very thorough, all encompassing strong, yet compassionate, flow, integrating stretches, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point work, as well, which people find to be powerful and healing. I am truly grateful to be doing this work, and love to see people caring for themselves on their precious life path, by gifting themselves and integrating massage into their lives.

My intention during your massage, is to listen to your individual needs and concerns, and address them. I hope to assist you in moving out as much heavy tension energy, from your muscles, tissues and energy system,(mind included!)so that you leave feeling lighter, freed up, nurtured, and like the vibrant you that you know you are! I hope you leave with more awareness of what is going on in your body as a whole. One note I will accent is that there are many many ways to let go of tensions. In a light,slow, very nurturing massage, one might relax so deeply that tension flows out. In a nurturing and, yet deeper tissue massage, in which someone might experience “hurts so good pain”, energy also can be released. In a rhythmic massage, letting go can also occur. Healing is and amazing process and each individual is different.